What do we do?

At Novoprint we make reality any of your graphic needs in any of our work Sectors, whether in the PUBLISHER  or in the COMMERCIAL print, or in the realization of personalized marketing campaigns with DIGITAL PRINTING or in the design and production of all kinds of PACKAGING and PLV.

We invest in the best technology and we have the best machinery, but we also invest in people. So, we have a very professional and extensive team which is at your disposal to help you and advise you from the beginning till the end of the production process of your project or campaign, in order to deliver to you the best graphic product, made with the best possible service.

NOVOPRINT Video – What do we do?

NOVOPRINT Video – Hispack 2018

We will value your idea, making a budget according to your needs always from a responsible point of view. We will produce your project with the most appropriate materials and the most efficient production processes to achieve the desired result and all this with an extraordinary quality and planned schedule to deliver on time.

We will be happy to be part of your ideas, projects and campaigns. All our team of professionals and facilities are at your service to deal with your project in a unique and personalized way. Your challenges are also ours.