Food and Beverages Sector

The food and beverage industry employs 354,000 people and is the first industrial sector in turnover in Spain (€ 93,000 million), a highly atomized sector in which 59 companies make 50% of turnover.

At this moment, the sector faces an important challenge due to the change in the regulations regarding the use of single-use plastic containers. That’s the reason why we are betting heavily on the production of trays and containers manufactured with cardboard, folding, kraft board or FSC corrugated board (raw materials that clearly encourage reuse and recycling).

This type of multifunctional packaging has an ergonomic character and it can be used safely in a wide variety of business models: Fruits, Vegetables, Take-out Food Packaging or Take Away Packaging, Fast Food, Food Trucks, Vending and Chocolates, among others.

Products for the food and beverage industry