Graphic Arts Museum in Novoprint S.A.

The most romantic side of Novoprint is shown in a small museum located in the facilities of Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona). A different historical-cultural space, which was created by  one of the founders of the company, Mr. Andrés Bellido, who has transmitted his love and passion for the graphic arts to the rest of the employees during all these years long.

In this 200 m2 space, there is an exhibition of a complete collection of graphic art machines used between 1900 and 1950, which gives us the opportunity of looking back into past and make a quick travel through the most important moments of the history of our profession. A tour that all our visitors, customers and suppliers can enjoy as well as all the students of the sector who want to expand their knowledge, thanks to the collaboration agreements that we have with different colleges and universities.

You will find a small collection of graphic materials such as calendars, invoices, yearbooks and other elements of the first third of the twentieth century. You will also find a series of machines and accessories that show the first steps of typography, linotype and the most traditional binding. Machines such as the famous Minerva linotype, the Krauze shearing guillotine, the August Fomm book embosser, the wire-stitchers machines, the Smith typewriter machines or curious elements such as lithographic stones, block irons or type-case cabinets.

Because the passion for our work makes us remember the past with love and the future with illusion.