All products by NOVOPRINT S.A.

In this section you will find a compilation of works from all our business areas: Packaging, POS, Publisher Production, Commercial Printing, Digital Printing and Hand work.

Lid boxes for cosmetic products

Packaging with clear window

Packaging Alohanatura

Pack Regalo Caviaroli. A very soft gift

Château Montrose Stories Case

Totem Garmin Marine It’s your time

Novoprint promotional Packaging


Books with stamped or printed edges

Cartel Wives paperback

Manual of instructions for Sony

Books with flaps

Packaging Caviaroli

Stop pile Kamel Daoud

Mitosyl Totem

Book les grans Animaux

Packaging Eco line


Kraft board trays with corrugated carton inside for strawberries

Catalogs for cars

Detail of an indexed Catalog

Plans and Maps

Corner Floor-stand

Technical price catalogs Ros1

NK3 paperback

Corrugated promotional box for a GOLD PN 30 Serie Valve

Floor-stand for cosmetic use

Six-pack Bier Tradition

Books with CD/DVD

De Borée Dispenser

Containers, trays and tills

Novoprint Promotional Packaging 2

Proquimia Folder

Premium boxes for publishing

Promotional Packaging

Home Teacher English Course

Display Minimiki Emma en France

Floor-stand Exit

Fashion in the rain table display for small umbrellas

Video catalogs

LetiXer Packaging

Fisher Price Promotional Pack

Cosmectic Dispenser

Retracts Músics Andorra

Hydro and Industrial catalogs

Catalog for relax

Stop Pile Playback

Floor-stand for pharmaceutical use

Floor-stand for cosmetic use 2

Floor-stand La Jugada de mi vida. Andrés Iniesta

LP Alejandro Sanz Concert Case

Book Better

PONS Cours of language Pack


Odile Charette Floorstand

Books with ribbon

Novoprint Secret Xperience Case

Cased blocked books

Pocket books

Table Display Hemoal

Book La Fille du Calligraphe

Book or catalog Paloma Wool

Cased books B Format


Promotional Packaging Sony-FNAC

Graphic elements for the Zespri Campaign

Plans and Maps

Expositor Mureva Styl

Table Display Stop Pile “Le grand Almanach”

Table Displays

Perfect bound agendas with rounded

Win-Win Marketing Campaign

Fashion in the rain umbrellas floor-stand

Book notes

Hanging packaging

Book La cuisine des bocaux